Sunday, March 03, 2002

I was up around 7:30 this morning, it had rained hard most of the night, I made some coffee, and figured I'd spend a good chunk of the day looking over these porn videos I picked up on Saturday. But about an hour went by, and I was sleepy, and the air was heavy, no longer raining, but humid, so I crawled back into bed. Don't remember any dreams, but half-woke a couple times to find a rather hefty hard-on in my boxers, falling back to sleep, wondering what may have inspired it. I vaguely hear the phone ringing in the next room, but stay in bed, letting the machine pick up. "I'm at the flea market, there's a box of old videos here, you really should check it out, I'm gonna keep talking til you pick up" as I run in and grab the phone. It's my pal Phil, apparently there's some used porn videos, looks like some decent titles, and he agrees to check them out, call back with some titles, and he'll pick me up a few. I reheat some coffee, sit here, and the phone rings again within minutes. "A Matter of Size, some tickling stuff, Making It Huge...." So I interject "you think I should check them out?" "YES! and hurry!"

I hit my head on the closet door trying to get dressed and out quickly (hence the gash on my forehead), and 22 minutes later, I've made it across town in a cab. He greets me at the corner, rushes me right to the spot with the sign "MALE VIDEOS" and I kneel down instinctively, sorting. After I've set aside about 12, I look for the dealer who comes over, agreeing to some sort of deal if I take a bunch. Several Falcons, Jock, Bob Jones, a couple of P.M. Productions, and a lot of duped compilation tapes (some good titles, but I only want originals) After I've stacked more than 20, there's another guy going thru the boxes I've finished with. He reaches over and begins to handle one of the videos I've set aside. "HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - er, um, ah uh uh!" I tsk and try to laugh it off as he releases his hold on the tape. He laughs nervously, and walks away. A loan from Phil, my knapsack full, plus a small plastic bag, Leo and Lance, Pizza Boy, Le Beau Mac, L.A. Boot Bottom, and a bunch more are on their way to their new lower east side home.