Monday, March 18, 2002

Dear Fellow Webmaster:
Gosh, I like the sound of that! Of course, it's just a form letter. But it is a funny coincidence, since only last night I was thinking once again that I ought to do a William Higgins page along with the other directors I've listed as my faves. While I haven't really changed my mind about him ( he does go for the younger guys, sometimes the camera angles and close-ups are too, too close and goofy looking, etc), he did make several very good films, one of which I was watching last night - BIG GUNS. So getting this email today inviting me to be a charter member of a "revshare program" was kinda neat. Granted, I imagine thousands of emails got sent out last night to any website that had the word PORN somewhere in it, but it's still something worth considering. I do get plenty of "hits" from folks searching Google for their favorite old porn stars (i.e. had a nice series of emails last night with a gentleman from San Diego looking for pics of Ed Wiley), so maybe I should look and see how bad these banners are that you need to attach to your website, and take it from there. I mean, you'd have to see this scene from BIG GUNS, where Chris Gray finds a handgun in his buddy Johnny Davenport's apartment, the next scene shows them at the shooting range, with Johnny showing Chris how to use a gun. Johnny wraps his arms around Chris, as Chris shoots, and Johnny starts to grope him. After a round of shots, they put down the gun, and start making out. Very unusual for Higgins', in that it's usually the "girlfriend's out of town" or "a mouth's a mouth" kind of interaction preceding the actual sex. And the sex is real good - Chris has a beautiful face, and sculptured body; Davenport has that huge cock, and the best cum shots captured on film, I am not exagerrating!

Um, where was I? oh yeah, so the email comes to me asking me to sign up to put a William Higgins banner on my site, and in exchange they'll give me a cut of referrals to their site, which as you may know, Higgins is still around, specializing in Eastern European young guys, often under the name Wim Hof. So, take a look, lemme know what ya think.

p.s here are the actual banners.