Sunday, March 10, 2002

Last night was fun, a pal convinced me to go out and have a beer at The Phoneix. We met up around 11:30, and by 2 am had 2 beers each, just gabbing, some "light" guy-watching (by which I mean they weren't watching back). Since I hadn't eaten dinner, by around 2 he suggested we grab a bit to eat, and we headed over to Odessa, he had your basic grilled cheese/fries, I had fantastic potato pancakes with sour cream. And we just continued chatting, little bits of info about ourselves, our families. One thing that we died laughing over, which is totally silly, but I had never heard of anyone doing this - he said his father always stirs his cereal! He pours in the milk, then uses the spoon to pull up flakes and milk from the bottom, while turning the bowl with his other hand in regular intervals, to make sure its properly mixed together before he eats it. I don't know why that struck me as so funny, probably just imagining how maddening, yet inconsequential, it would be to grow up watching that.

He's a good pal, and several weeks back complained about being lonely, how hard it is to meet that "special someone", etc etc. And, wisely, I didn't offer any suggestions (like I wouldwould know!), but just let him talk. We agreed, and miraculously followed up, on the idea of hanging out more together. Last night, while at the Phoenix, he mentioned getting his Paul McCartney tickets on Monday morning, and then mentioned a few other live shows he'd seen in the past few years - I can't remember any of them, except that they were all equally dreadful. So I looked him straight in the eye and said "so, um, that's the reason we stopped dating, eh?" Thank God he laughed.