Saturday, March 16, 2002

It's been awhile since I've done the chatrooms, and after a few minutes of checking profiles of everyone who had the #8 in their screenname (it's exhausting!), I settled in on other internet activities, not paying attention until I heard the sound of someone sending a message

HairyNYItalian [9:35 PM]: hey, what's up? hot profile
BJland [9:36 PM]: hey man, thanks
HairyNYItalian [9:36 PM]: not much, going out soon. u?
BJland [9:37 PM]: just goofing around online
HairyNYItalian [9:37 PM]: ya, so what r u into?
BJland [9:38 PM]: sexwise?
BJland [9:38 PM]: just oral,
HairyNYItalian [9:39 PM]: that's cool. trade pics?
BJland [9:39 PM]: sure
HairyNYItalian [9:39 PM]: old face pic. tame
HairyNYItalian [9:41 PM]: nice pics. great body.
HairyNYItalian [9:42 PM]: i sent another pic. not me, don't have a body one, but his body is just like mine
HairyNYItalian [9:44 PM]: feel like playing later?
BJland [9:44 PM]: thanks, man
BJland [9:44 PM]: um, kinda odd to send other people's pics, eh?
HairyNYItalian [9:45 PM]: ya, but people are pretty insistent, even if u weren't ;)
HairyNYItalian [9:45 PM]: and don't have any other pics than the face
HairyNYItalian [9:45 PM]: don't hold it against me :-P
BJland [9:46 PM]: well, i havent any real opinion at this point, just seems odd
HairyNYItalian [9:46 PM]: i think it's somewhat odd, but it seems to get the point acrss
HairyNYItalian [9:48 PM]: want to play some time?
BJland [9:49 PM]: couldnt really say yes at this point, i've just seen a pic of you with a girl, and had a discussion of why your using someone else's pic..
HairyNYItalian [9:50 PM]: when u put it that way, sounds rather ridiculous, i concede. but look at it this way: i'm not as priveleged as u to have a digicam. if i did, i wouldn't have this problem
HairyNYItalian [9:54 PM]: well, i would certainly like to play,- me with no pics accompanying me - so le tme know if u want some time. it would be hot with u. great body/face

It continues, and I'll post if later, but gotta run right now...