Tuesday, March 26, 2002

DreamHost Web Hosting - http://www.dreamhost.com/
hmmmm. Just logged onto DREAMHOST (where all my images, and all webpages except this blogpage are hosted) to check stats, etc, and saw they are offering more storage space, more GB's/month to transfer, etc. At first I was pissed, thinking new folks would be getting a better deal. But, I see that I am entitled to the extra storage space, and more bandwidth (woo-hoo!). So, of course I'm happy, and added their little logo on to the bottom of this page for anyone looking for a webhosting service (if you click thru there, and sign-up, i guess I get some $$).....blah blah, who cares, right? But I figure its time to post that KANSAS CITY TRUCKNG CO movie trailer! Which is a great coincidence, cuz someone emailed me having read me mention it in some old archived blog, and wanted to see it, and I cautioned him that poor, unemployed me has to watch the bandwidth allocation. So, let's hope y'all don't go crazy, but I think it's a cool trailer, so check it out by clicking the image: (if you think you'd want to watch more than once, save it to your harddrive with the old "right click, SAVE TARGET AS" by using this link)