Saturday, March 02, 2002

today, got out of the house enough to get the basic errands done: post office (shipping porn), non-profit thrift shopping (buy used porn), grocery store (damn! - no porn!), on to cleaning house, having 2 pals over for pizza, beer, low-key fun. My usual Saturday night is by myself ordering pizza and terrorizing the AOL chatrooms, so this will be a welcome break from that. Otherwise, time to crank PRINCE's TRC - The Rainbow Children album - some of these tunes KICK ASS!

BUT (damn, there's always a but!) - I really really have a problem with the last 15 seconds of Family Name - musically, the song is quite amazing, but throwing in that MLK snippet really doesn't work. It devalues the speech it comes from, and it's a feeble attempt at adding some meaning to the song - which should come from the song, not from using a classic American speech.