Saturday, March 09, 2002

what do
  • A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing) - ROMEO VOID
  • Send Me An Angel - REAL LIFE
  • Legal Tender - B-52'S
  • Edge Of The Razor - STEPHANIE MILLS
have in common?

They form the soundtrack to the 1985 porn movie Making It Huge! I got a copy of this about a year ago, and swore it had a b-52's song on it, but was disappointed to not hear it. I could swear I heard that song while Daniel Holt is checking out Jim Bentley, in this movie about a young man from Kansas who goes to an acting school in Hollywood. (It's really hilarious, mostly purposely so, with the Hollywood producer making all these innuendos toward poor, naive Jim Bentley). I never did buy that album, but now that I have just acquired an older copy of the video, with the soundtrack intact, I can see why. Two good songs (Romeo Void and b-52's), and a then several really awful cheesy crappy ones! I must've heard/seen this video dozens of times at the porn theatre on 3rd Avenue and 13th, and always associated Legal Tender with that movie. But at least I now know that I am not insane (er, on this particular issue), and its more proof that these guys never license the music they use, were caught and forced to replace the soundtrack - if you try buying it now, you'll get your standard Casio-synth soundtrack.