Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Been keeping busy the past 48 hours with a friend from out of town. While we've known each other for about 2 years, this was the first time we'd met in person. Was very fun to attach a body to a voice/emailer/instant messenger...... wait, that doesn't sound quite right! I mean, it was good to finally meet, but after spending 2 years of chatting/emailing online, plus numerous packages via snail mail, it was just seeing an old friend, more than meeting someone for the first time, and we got into chatting and hanging out quite comfortably right away. Last night was a great meal (a belated birthday treat for me from him, yeah!) at O G about 2 blocks from here, after having cocktails at the Hudson Hotel where he stayed. We ate way too much, so I wasn't able to really keep up with him drinking, and I could tell by the end of the evening at The Phoenix, he was getting tired, as well. Now with the rainy cool, day, I am pretty much a vegetable, but he promised to come back in the summer, and this time I hope he stays here, and for more than 2 days. That way we can really hang out without feeling the need to do New York-y things (although I swear I really want this saddle that I saw while shopping for a tie for him at the HERMES store on Madison Ave).

gosh, just after posting that, I looked at the Hotel website - that sort of music was playing constantly as you walked around the hotel - in the lobby, bathrooms, elevators - you felt like you were on a runway the whole time - we were probably the only people who weren't tall, skinny, and wearing all black!