Saturday, March 16, 2002

chatroom, cont'd
BJland [9:55 PM]: well, man, i dont mean to give ya a hard time
BJland [9:56 PM]: thanks for the compliments, I guess I'm just not good at the online hook-up - not that I havent done it
HairyNYItalian [9:56 PM]: it's ok. ur spot on about the pics, but i have little alternative
HairyNYItalian [9:56 PM]: no worries. i'm josh
BJland [9:56 PM]: its not the pics alone, i just mean i cant say YEAH lets do it after ONLY a pic, and little else -
BJland [9:56 PM]: esp since you aint exactly around the block
HairyNYItalian[9:57 PM]: meet me sometime, then for a drink
BJland [9:57 PM]: gee, man, yur really wearing down this NY cynicism I've worked so hard to attain
HairyNYItalian [9:58 PM]: it's just a fallacy, the cynicism ;)
no worries, we from the northeast are pretty sincere
BJland[9:58 PM]: so Josh, you really 25?
HairyNYItalian [9:58 PM]: that i am
HairyNYItalian [9:58 PM]: why's that?
BJland[9:59 PM]: pic looks older, i generally prefer guys closer to my own age, so was suprised when you said its an old pic
HairyNYItalian [9:59 PM]: how old r u?
BJland [9:59 PM]: 41
HairyNYItalian [10:00 PM]: ah well, see what u think. can't find out less u try....
BJland [10:00 PM]: astoria, eh? so where were you heading tonight?
HairyNYItalian [10:01 PM]: into manhattan to have a drink with some friends, then ...???
HairyNYItalian [10:01 PM]: no plans
BJland[10:01 PM]: i see
BJland [10:02 PM]: what part of town you hang out with with your pals?
HairyNYItalian [10:03 PM]: midtown east, but just for a bit. i can come downtown...

......... still very skeptical, we chatted a bit more, I gave him my phone number, he said he'd call once he was done with his friends. After we stopped chatting, I noticed he was still in the chatroom, so I figured he was just goofing on me, and I wouldn't hear from him. Too young, too far, what was I thinking? But still, i at least broke out of my grumpiness. I went on about what I was doing, cooking dinner with plenty of garlic, buzzing my head, the usual late Friday night activities when the phone rang at around 11:45. He was in the subway station, on his was downtown! We had agreed to meet at The Phoenix, whch was certainly safe, and close, for me. I got there, he was no where in sight (we agreed to meet at the jukebox), I grabbed a beer, the place was packed. Packed with cuties, in fact. But young cuties. I wasn't there long when this shortie comes up, we recognize each other, he goes to get a drink. Gosh, he is young, I'm thinking. But what the hell, can't hurt to chat. He comes back, we talk about nothing in particular, and he's constantly just behind, off to the side of me, talking into my ear more than my face. But suddently he says something about my smile, and my moustache, and we seem to be lighly brushing up against each other more and more.

He mentions something about pool, and I offer to move us over to watch the guys playing, and soon enough we grab a seat on the bench next to the pool table. Making silly comments about the game, and the players, and the other bar patrons, I was having a nice time. And I got a better look at him. I thought he'd look real handsome in a few years, you know, how maturity seems to add to what you've got - and he had nice lips, dense stubble, easy-going attitude. Ahhhhh. And suddenly he pulled my face to his, and, well. Gosh, I haven't made out in public in a very long time! It wasn't the embarassing tonsil-sucking kind, thank god, but gentle, warm kissing, less than a minute at a time, with sheepish grins in between, more comments about the game, more petting. We didn't refill our drinks after the second round, but still stayed there, clearly attracted to each other, in no hurry.

At one point he mentions food, seeing if I'm interested in getting a bite to eat. Gosh, this is too much - he likes to eat in the middle of the night! We leave, and breaking an old habit, I don't offer to ride him on my bike, but we walk slowly. (Although it would've been one of the easiest rides, him being so short and slim). Discussing food, enjoying the warm spring air, laughing, not annoyed by the hoardes of drunk str8 folks, I joke about fleeing into the street as a huge group of them approach. We stop at Odessa, I have potato pancakes, he has some weird curly fries, we share, mmmmmmm. When we get home, he does the "I'm sorry but I'm so sleepy, I hope you don't mind" thing. No problem by me, as he reveals a slim, really fuzzy cute body. Very good cuddling material, indeed. I keep both my boxers and my undershirt on, he completely undresses, and pulls me on top of him. Kissing, grabbing, he makes it clear we ain't going to sleep any time soon. And what a hairy ass! Needless to say, my mustache and his butt became very good friends last night. And afterwards, a very insistant cuddler. Any time I moved to get more comfortable, or to adjust, he adjusted with me, keeping body parts intertwined, leg on butt, arm on head, head cozied up to underarm.

Sometime after 10, he asked about the time, said he had to go, and we snuggled some more. He got very frisky, I was still half asleep but enjoyed the attention, not to mention the new dose of stickiness he left all over me. He didn't stay for coffee, and we didn't talk about a next time, but it was really nice to have those 11 hours together.