Monday, March 04, 2002

this and that
Met with Jason (the photographer) and he showed me the contact sheets - really nice stuff! Naw, I don't mean me, per se, but that he did a great job, some really nice pics, and he said he can make me a few prints by later in the week, and we'll have lunch. (I also got a quick glimpse of another model's hairy torso pic - SLURP!!) He seemed pretty happy with them, too, which, of course, is good. I only wish I had some friends, acquaintances, who could use his talent - he's got a great eye, and is fun and relaxing to work with (granted, I was in my own home and all, but still). And despite me signing away all my rights, he said it's cool if I decide to reproduce a pic or two for my website. He giggled when I got to the pic where my balls are slightly peaking out of my boxers, but I didn't pick that one for printing (like I don't have enough pics of my own balls!).

Spending a good part of the day readying some more porn videos for auction, and got a couple more wrestling/fight themed ones. Then I found that one of the producers of the videos, BG Enterprise, has a couple brief previews on their webpage - so give it a look.

Over the weekend, got several nice emails about the blog, or the porn pages, which is always cool - but a couple of the guys who I wrote back, their email wasn't working (one AOL account blocked me, another, .edu address, wasn't working, oh well) - so, sorry fellas, but I tried!

And the bump on my head is still a bit sore, but the swelling is down. I discovered 2 scratches on my shoulder, good god - I really need to calm down when someone says "bargain porn"!