Thursday, March 07, 2002

The photos I got this afternoon looked really good! It feels a bit funny staring at pics of myself (don't laugh), but he did a nice job. But now I am obsessing about trying to get Blogger/FTP stuff to work for me. Given that Geocities is changing again, I want to do a "test" blog to make sure I know how to set one up - it's been almost a year since I did this, and now it involves FTP stuff that is making my head spin. Of course, I was more focused on the writing of the particular post (the mourning doves that are hanging out outside my window), than in the technical aspect of setting up a new blog from scratch (something about the file not existing, or the filepath, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!). But I'll get it. Eventually. I hope. Also doing lots of porn viewing, and although I can be pretty good at quickly going thru and jotting down actors names, setting up the auction pages, sometimes I get caught up in - no, not the sex, I'm getting really really immune to sex on my tv lately - but on the little things that are different. Like this one video I put up for auction earlier today In Thrust We Trust - all black cast, about a politician who is running on one issue - censorship of pornography, because he believes it leads to violence. BUT, he is visited by his fairy godfather ( a guy in really tacky, funny drag) who puts a spell on him, that makes everyone sexually attracted to him. Very silly, but knowingly so, and he has so much sex that it changes his views, and wins election.

Last night I was hoping to get out of the house, have some cheap beer, but no one I asked was available and/or interested, so I stayed in. Maybe tonight, but its 3 bucks a pint, rather than $1.00, and I need to watch my money (even though its been over a week since I've been out at all).