Thursday, March 14, 2002

Well, it's been over 2 months, and a few hundred people found my page via various search engines to get that "P*anostripper" clip I posted on Jan 8th. Hope they thought it was worth the effort, scrolling down past various porn, bjork, and then my hairy back picture to get to the link. But I've taken it off now, and I didn't want to even use the name and have this post come up in the search engines for it. Meanwhile, I've spent too much time the past 2 weeks looking at Falcon videos with men taking, and putting, various objects up their arses. I can't imagine how Kevin WIlliams can ever be satisfied by a mere cock up his ass with all the crap that gets shoved up there! (sorry, no link to, since it seems to have been absorbed by one of the megasites, BadPuppy). And that Tom Chase, too, too puffy these days; lay off the steroids, and go back to being versatile again - that scene a few years back when Mike Branson fucked him, very nice. Muscles, sure, fine; puffy-steroid-acne-back, no.