Wednesday, April 16, 2003

eBay alert: Only a month ago, if you typed in "jock worn" into eBay's search engine, you'd average about 250 items on any given day. I remember one of the folks over there had warned me after cancelling a swimsuit auction of mine that they were considering not allowing that term any longer ("Used clothing may be listed on eBay, so long as the clothing has been thoroughly cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. Listings that contain inappropriate or extraneous descriptions will be moved to the Mature Audiences category or ended" is, in fact, one of their rules - I wonder if they're hiring??), and apparently they are cracking down - today, the phrase only returned 43 items, and clicking on several of them, including men's red speedo jock worn I got the dreaded

Invalid Item - The item you requested (3413587079) is invalid, still pending, or no longer in our database..