Wednesday, April 02, 2003

fun in the M4MdungeonNYC room - no attitude, please

"Name: subhuman thing
Location: American living in Italy
Able to financially support and relocate MASTER.
Sex: Male
Marital Status: LT open relationship, no secrets
Hobbies & Interests:
crave subhuman existence, extreme sm, bb, ws, urinal duty (drink YOU dry), total use, objectification, steel, caging, enforced chastity, degradation, torture, impaling, dungeon storage, hard-labor, modifications, experiments, anything-goes edge+++
Favorite Gadgets:
slave is 38, inked, pierced.
Frmr. BB
Lifted for 15 yrs.,
now overweight, looking to get back in shape
20+ years. SM exp.

YOU are young, VGL, muscular, sadistic, no mercy.
YOU accept no limits, no regrets, don't negotiate or stop.

If YOU are muscular and sadistic,
YOU do not have to work
YOU do not have to worry about money
YOU can live the life of a true sadist MASTER
YOU spend your time in the Gym and in the Dungeon

(send pic, no attitude please)
this is a serious offer"

um, a master with NO attitude?

there's......... just........ something.......... terribly........ WRONG....... with that!