Saturday, April 26, 2003

It's one of those cold rainy days that has me aching for a warm fuzzy boyfriend to force me into staying home in bed, cuddling and snoozing into the afternoon. But alas, I haven't had one of those in years! I'm sure I'll be fine once I'm at work, but at this moment, this 2nd cup of coffee is doing nothing for me. This pic was taken just the other day, during a "date" (I don't know why I put quotes around the word "date" - maybe because it was an AOL-chatroom arranged date, and I didn't feel any sort of "let's do this again" feeling, even though he was nice, and the sex was fun). I had promised the man I'd take some digital pics of him, as the one he emailed me was 5 years old (which he readily admitted BEFORE sending). This digital camera of mine, it's pretty good and I still love it, but you can see how funny it looks in terms of background looking like a fake backdrop. (Actually, because it looked so fakey, I cropped most of the background out, the East River, looking north from the lower east side, 59th St Bridge and all....) But yup, this is my current "look" - crooked glasses and all!