Wednesday, April 23, 2003

So my apologies to the young man who was instant messaging me last night when I seemed to have disappeared. I was actually on the floor, laughing my ass off. My usual routine after a night's work is to come home, rev up the computer, check website stats, pop into an AOL chatroom, get ignored by the other 35 allegedly hot and horny men, look thru auctions, and check out GOGGLE's Top Stories. After sorting thru the serious stuff, I couldn't help but want to read the Reuters story entitled M*donna Releases New Album Amid Brutal Reviews - and while laughing at some of the remarks, I read that she'd purposely put "decoy files" on web-sharing sites "berating users with an obscenity"!! Whoah, so of course i loaded up WinMX to check this out. And there's a bazillion files, so I just try a few, and I start listening to one of the fake songs, and it's great! It's like this MAD-TV parody, complete with chipmunk-voice, silly voicebox-altered blips, lyrics like "does this album make me look fat?", and really bad rapping (really, really bad). So I am literally on the floor, rolling and laughing amongst the porno videos and magazines, but after several minutes, I begin to realize - oh jeez! This is the real song! - and then of course I'm laughing even harder when I get back up to the desk and see a bazillion folks now downloading the song off MY hard drive!