Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Trying to get some auction posting done here - so friggin' lazy lately. I have a tentative date (tentative in that he's supposed to email me wednesday to firm up time and place) with a guy Thursday evening - seems sweet, and he's more into dating, even though we met via an AOL chatroom. His pic is 5 years old, but nice; I did the old "let me take some newer pics" routine, and he bought it. Er, I mean, he's into meeting up, and letting me play a bit with the camera. As I prefer natural light, we're meeting by the East River, and hopefully at 6pm the light will still be good and I can get some good shots. Of course, writing about it here before it happens USUALLY puts the whammy on it, but we'll see. Click on auctions above to see how far I've gotten in posting on NAUGHTYBIDS and eBay. Oh yeah, for you sellers, NAUGHTYBIDS has free listing til midnight tonight!