Friday, April 25, 2003


"Rarely has there been male entertainment so determined to please it's audience with new, different, and shocking action than Midnight Geisha Boy!"

from STAR FILMS, producer Dick Martin (197?) director: Barry Knight (?)

Starring: Sammy Bond, Roy Rich, Sammy Fuller, Burt Rains, Ray Revel, and more

I have little info on this film, other than this trailer from JAGUAR FILMS official trailer reel (Vol. 1). The trailer says it's from Star Films, and I haven't yet figured out the exact relationship between Jaguar and Star. Unfortunately, the words "This movie not available" runs through the entire clip. I was able to find out, however, that Geisha Boy is indeed a lost film, and never made it onto videotape. The police, in one of their many raids of Jaguar in the 70's, confiscated every copy of the movie and they were never returned. It does make me wonder, however, if someone who had one of the old movie houses from back then still has a copy, or if Jaguar, like Colt and others, ever sold 8mm versions of these films.