Saturday, April 19, 2003

I don't care much for cologne. In fact, I am rather cologne-ophobic. I've turned down potential roommates if they showed up for the interview with cologne on (somehow the current roommate got in, not wearing any to the interview, but he uses it quite regularly). So why then, last night as I crawled into bed, did the light aroma of the man's cologne who I shared that little dark booth with only several minutes earlier put that grin on my face? Something about the "otherness" of it, I suppose. And his armpits smelled, and tasted, quite wonderful - thankfully no deodorant, just freshly worked-up sweat. A good kisser, too. We lingered after we both splurted all over me, slowly dressing, more kissing. Then we both headed to the bathroom and washed up a bit, a few more kisses, and some heavy eye-contact. He said he was staying, and I was going, but he asked for my phone number. I'm somewhat indifferent about whether he actually calls, but it was a nice feeling, his aroma clinging to me as I crawled under the comforter last night.