Wednesday, April 30, 2003

you know, this really really really really sucks! (see post below) Things were gonna be kinda tight this summer, so I was hoping/planning on accelerating my porno sales. I had some other ideas about cockrings, etc, but without the PAYPAL connection, it's gonna be really really tough. I'd have to say 90% of my sales (if not more) are paid for thru PAYPAL - so, after 3 years of getting a good chunk of change from me, and thousands of other buyers and sellers, not to mention going from a nothing nowhere company to being the choice of online payments for auctions, etc. (they drove Billpoint out of business, and caused eBay to purchase them a few months back), they can just choose to no longer want our business. Fuck that sucks. In the strictly legal sense, they can probably do whatever the hell they want; but it sickens me that once again, anything gay or dirty (and gay=dirty, anyway, right) gets used for awhile to build up a business, then when they got your money and their prestige, they can dump you like that, muther fuckers!