Wednesday, April 09, 2003

i really ought to get my act together b4 2pm. i think i was supposed to have lunch with someone, but, um, who? I've been spending money I dont have (Gordon Grant 8mm on eBay; Bjork tickets; (nearly) impossible-to-find Tom Caserta videotapes), and doing my own version of make-love-not-war (House Of Regrets been berry berry good to me lately - there's a disturbing appeal to get smacked in the face while kneeling in front of a guy's crotch, I've noticed lately..... but I digress), and trying to sort thru some more videos for sale.

Speaking of Making Love - tonight is THE last night of THE LURE. I ventured over there Sunday, and it was really kinda sad; about 20 guys there (which is about 7 times the usual for a Sunday), but I suspect tonight could get fairly crazy - or rather, I HOPE TO GOD it does! Tonight I'm hoping some cigar-chomping daddy (Mike Roberts, where are you???? and i'm thinking less Titan Media MIKE ROBERTS and more Devil In The Rain MIKE ROBERTS) takes a shining to me. But after tonight, I'm going back into (sexual) hibernation, I swear.