Saturday, April 19, 2003


Barely get out of bed, make coffee, go to check email, etc, and NO INTERNET CONNECTION!! I reset the modem 2 or 3 times, and with some trepidation, I go to check the TV set. Nope. The same TV Guide channel on all 99 stations. RATS! I call the good folks at Time Warner, and after listening to muzak constantly interrupted by a recording telling me how grateful they are that I am holding patiently, back to muzak, back to thank-you message, I get a live real person who tries to stifle his giggle as he tells me how many hundreds of dollars I owe. But with the miracle of modern technology, just use my American Express card, and once the payment is in, it will be back automatically. Several minutes playing with the telephone keypad, I have my payment confirmation number, and I stare at the TV and computer waiting. Gotta get to work! OK, go shower, it'll be back on then. NOPE! Calling Time Warner again, pulling on socks, jockstrap, shoes as I punch in all the necessary numbers to get a real person, and again, a different guy, barely hiding his laughter, says he will check and BOOM, the WEATHER CHANNEL is back on! More importantly, internet connection back.