Sunday, February 10, 2002

Another Saturday Night and.......
looking thru AOL chatrooms, as well as the m4m4sex4m4m site, there were so many choices online last night
  • deepsweetass - - "Mom, this is my new boyfriend, deepsweetass. Deepsweetass, this is mom."
  • bottomsup - - hmmm, wonder what he's into?
  • midnightbuffet4u - - oh damn, and I just brushed my teeth.
  • PwrBallBtm - - ouch
  • Loco4sex - - and I'm loco4cocopuffs
  • BendMeOverNY - - um, the city, or the whole state? (oh wait, I just looked at the pic, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!)
  • Arroz con Leche - - ok, so my spanish is a bit rusty; is that chicken with milk?
  • sweetblkhole - - "Sweetblkhol, this is my boyfriend, deepsweetass. Deepsweetass, this is sweetblkhol; can you fellas wait here while i run out and get some more Crisco, I seem to have run out?"
  • ChelseaFuckHole - - isn't that redundant? (sorry, lower east side joke)
  • GoSlowAtFirstOK - - you betcha, dude; now shuddup and bendover!
  • bigdkdphole so, I guess this guy's equipped to go fuck himself, eh?


  • musclepigduo, Anonymousfuckhole, BigJuicyDad, and so many more.
    and lastly,

  • absolutedaddy - - who had this in his AOL profile:
    Marital Status: SGWM, 55 ,5'11",170#,dk.blnd/brn
    Hobbies: Seeking that special guy ( over 30 please ), to enjoy special times together. Married & Bi welcome!
    Computers: Not into one night stands, just a loving, caring and honest relationship.

    Hmmmm. something about the "hobbies" and "computers" section that don't quite add up......

ok, so here I am making fun of all these guys, who, like me, are just looking for a little love. So, in "fairness", here's my m4m4sex4m4m ad:

hairy guy VERY ORAL

5'8", 140; ORAL (your balls and cock) 7-1/2, FUZZY; lower east side, easy-going. Quick bj's, or long-term, let's see where chemistry takes us.