Thursday, February 28, 2002

let's see what kind of sense I can make before having a full cup of coffee. Despite having gotten this friendly reminder yesterday, 10 minutes into the Grammy's last night, seeing those chicks dressed up like Barbie dolls yelping some rehashed old song, I still don't get the appeal to queers (really, I swear, I am one!). A few more hours of TV (Law and Order was great - I love the evil internet software plots!) more porn video reviewing, and a brief bit in a chatroom - until NYCpig4U or some such name, wanted hot raw, drug induced party-and-play action (but didnt want to leave his hotel room), some ice cream, and by 3 am, I finally crawled into bed. I have this stupid idea for a "contest" of sorts, but I havent quite figured out the prize structure. More coffee, and maybe I can get my act together and figure that out.