Saturday, February 02, 2002

I turned down sex last night

I was reworking some porno-list or another, with my name in a chatroom, but not paying any attention, and I got a message. After a couple of "heys" and "where do you lives" he says: "I'd like to get on my knees and taste your fabric" - HUH? Apparently, my name, or profile, indicates a liking for jockstraps, and he explains that that is what he meant, or, in fact, any sort of underwear as long as their was cock behind it. Hmmmm. I think I have one of those, let me check and get back to you. Turns out we know each other, from years ago. And now that he realizes it's me (and he sees my pic and sees that I have a fuzzy body) he's even more into it. But, but...... I protest. "What?" he wants to know. I explain that I can't have anonymous sex with someone I know, and besides, "you run that new hotdog stand on 7th st, and what happens next time I want a chilicheese-tofupup dog with fries?"