Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Had a nice coffee break today. Yesterday I got an email from this SVA student, asking if I'd be willing to have my picture taken for a school project. After a few emails, and a look at some of his cool pics I agreed, and we just met up to talk. He had his portfolio with some of the other pictures he's taken so far for the project, and the first guy I recognized! Not from "real life" but from the web - and his photographs of the guy were really good, not just "guy in leather jacket and facial hair" but somehow the facial expressions were captured real well - hard to explain. And as I was looking thru more, he asked if I had a partner - "naw, I don't" -"OH, that's too bad!" he responded. "Tell me about it!" I added, which made him laugh; but he explained that what he meant was that he was also doing couples' portraits, and there were several in the portfolio that were quite good. One couple in particular - mid/late 40's, both with greying hair, goatee/mustache/facial hair variations and balding, really grabbed my attention. Well, as much as one might think it was something to do with the similarites between the 2 guys and myself, it was really just that not only were they handsome, but were quite comfortable in front of the camera, and with each other, with thier slight grins, as they were embraced, one behind the other. Then I noticed that the one guy had his hand behind himself, subtley, but most likely grabbing his boyfriend's crotch out of the camera's view.

So, he comes by tomorrow, and we'll see what happens. He said something about just wanting to take pics of gay men in their natural habitat, er, I mean, in their natural environment. So, no doubt the pics will include this computer, and piles of porn videos and magazines lying around. Actually, while he said specifically that they didn't have to be naked in one of the emails, and god knows I have enough of those, maybe, if the idea is what I'm comfortable in, it'll be my fave outfit: baggy boxers and a dago-tee (provided the heat is on in the apartment) - I don't really decorate Christmas trees, and bake cookies wearing nothing but a jockstrap.