Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Here, listen to Black Planet Claire that I nabbed from The B-52's Red Planet website, while I try to remember what they played. I got there just after 8, as planned, and there was a long line, my pals already waiting. Then a long line for coatcheck, then a separate line for a wristband to proove you're old enough to drink (I saw like 3 people under the age of 30 all night) - when the guy asked for I.D., I shoved my bald head in his face - at least he laughed, and gave me the wristband. Then the long line for beer. Warm-up band was chicks on speed - who I had never heard, but had sorta heard of. Groovy, noisy, fun, noisy, day-glo, and noisy. But somehow my head-bopping got Jeff's pal who-I-only-know-thru-Jeff to move closer, and for the rest of the night he was behind me, singing along with the B-52's, bumping into my butt (accidentally, I'm sure), etc. There was a long break between bands which gave the crowd plenty of time for moving in closer, getting ruder, and the tall men found their spot in front of me, like every other standing-room only show I've ever been to.

I can't even tell you the first song they played, a sped-up version of channel z or is that you mo-dean? - but it got everyone hopping around, and briefly before the next song, Fred says hello, and flatly states: "This next song is a dance song" everyone laughs gleefully and the first few notes of dance this mess around play and the place went mad! I can't believe Cindy can still belt out "I'm not no Limberger, just a limberger" like that, but she was hot! And Fred's, razor-sharp interplay with her was f**kin' great - they had the audience going wild. Can't say which song was best, they were all so good for different reasons. Well, Lava was the best, maybe because they each got to show off for that song. Oh wait, strobe light was best, Fred kicked ass singing, and I danced frantically with the strobelight on, knowing no-one could see I have absofuckinlutely no rhythm; and oh yeah, when that plastic pineapple flew up from the crowd into Fred's hand just at the right moment, all the fags around us squealed with delight!! (or was that just me?). The audience was singing along for much of the set, which I was amazed didn't bother me. There was a lot that they didn't play in the 75-minute show, of course - nothing from Bouncing Off The Satellites (makes you wonder if it's because it's the last album Ricky Wilson was on) or anything from Mesopotamia, either. Love Shack and Roam were big sing-alongs. One of my favorite performances cuz it was so different from the rest of the show was Revolution Earth from their last studio album, Good Stuff (Cindy wasn't with the band then). Kate introduced it by saying they were enjoying their stay at the Waldorf, and was happy to see protesters in the streets again. Pseudo-trippy, feel good song, her singing was flawless; I closed my eyes as the sounds floated over our heads. (......I reach for you by me side and soar......re-vo-lu-tion earth.....)

Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads played during planet claire, and Fred was again amazing doing quiche lorraine - just so animated, his vocals wild and forceful. We knew they had to play Rock Lobster, which they saved for last, and they teased a bit with just a few notes, then Fred said something about someone they've admired for years might join them on stage. But not til midway thru the song did Yoko appear (I think Jeff and I screamed the loudest when she came on!), and her singing had totally nothing to do with the song, she was so great, just yelping away as Fred looked both puzzled and amused as he belted out his parts, and the crowd thrashed itself around for those last few minutes.

oh-my-god! I must still be high, I almost forgot! During Rock Lobster, you know the part down, down and all the audience was getting lower and lower, closer to the floor, THAT'S when Yoko Ono appeared, and everyone jumped up along with the song, screaming, dancing, bouncing, laughing, oh shit! That's when I lost my voice...hehe.

Our legs and throats were exhausted after the show, but we headed over to The Phoenix for more alcohol. Fairly quiet night there, so we got to hear a couple of b-52s songs on the jukebox. I had 2 vodka/cranberries while the other boys drank Buds. I joined them for the last round of Buds, and by this time the guy who-I-only-know-thru-Jeff and I were making eyes at each other. So frustrating, I was too drunk anyway, but there was that "how do you make a move without embarrasing yourself in front of your other firends" that we could see in each other's eyes. Soon enough the four of us left, and Jeff turned left (east) as I unlocked my bike; the other two guys started walking west, asking which way I was going. I shyly pointed east, and caught up with Jeff, giving one last glance at what's-his-name. We walked most of the way home together, even though it was fuckin' cold, and giggled about the concert, and gave each other big hugs in front of Key Food as I headed furhter east, and Jeff headed further south. Of course, I ate everything in site once I got home into my cozy warm apartment, thinking about those old pals kicking ass on stage a couple hours earlier...........