Saturday, February 23, 2002

This morning, I find no 1/2 & 1/2 in the fridge, so I'm putting ice cream in my coffee. It's actually quite good. And I got an additional email from eBay, apparently I can't use profanity in the auctions, and COCK is considered profane! How do I sell a cockring without saying COCK??? Penis Ring sounds fuckin' gross, you know. Ever have phone sex and the other guy keeps talking about his penis, and your penis, and "don't ya just love penis"? And to think I just ordered about 50 bucks more worth of cockrings, dammit! But I do have more porno videos to view, and post on eBay for the weekend, but really would've liked to have the cockrings up, as well.

okay, re-reading the email, I think I get it. Gosh, I feel sorry for these poor $7.00/hour schnooks who have to deal with these inane rules and answer emails from folks like me - check this out

cock ring was ended for profanity. You are not allowed to use the word cock or other profanities within the listing. You may relist this item if you blurb the profane words. Within our Mature Audiences categories, we allow sellers to quote from the title of the item being sold without 'blurring' out the profane words. However, we do not allow the use of profanity in describing the item being sold.

okay, I think I get it (gosh, how much do their lawyers get paid for coming up with these distinctions). I can call it a cockring in the title, but i can't say "it gives your cock a nice lift" like I usually do, within the item's description. It just sucks, cuz lots of folks honestly don't know how a simple cockring works, and this one has 2 parts, the one that goes around the "whole package" and the strap that goes just under your cock, separating your cock and balls from each other. Gosh, the headaches of being a smut pusher............