Monday, February 18, 2002


You're unemployed, lazy, bored, so you keep checking those referral logs, and you see tons of google search results bringing people to your webpages.... (well, me, anyway) okay, but why are so many people looking for SIMPSONS PORNO??????????? I mean, its a friggin' cartoon, with children, ferchrissakes! And shave gay?? well, that search must've been disappointing! unless they're into guys hwo occasionally shave those long hairs off they're ears, but have I taken any pictures of that? gay porno, of course, is cool (although I'm second, usually behind NAKED SWORD (which does have a couple of cool freebie porn clips, btw). porno gay under 16?????? EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Isn't that illegal? how to bj - well, that's cool, although, again, I don't thing I've ever attempted to explain how (the old popsickle analogy just isn't sufficient, you need to explain the whole taint phenomemon - you know, that spot that 'taint yer a-hole, 'taint yer balls, but just in between. Some solid tonguage in there, and some forceful goatee plunges really help - cuz its really a whole rimming tease right? - for the guys who are into rimming, they keep anticipating, but not getting; and for the guys who aint into it, they're on the edge, not wanting you to "go there", but oddly confused why this particular technigue feels so good)......... But I digress.....Of course, the searches for particular porn stars, that's cool, I hope these guys find what they're looking for. I do get requests for info on how to find specific porno videos, stuff like that, which of course is cool. Hmm. Anyone out there have any success with the PAYPAL, or AMAZON donate linky things? maybe some appreciative folks might want to plop a dollar or two my way. Just a thought.

well, besides the boring referral logs, I did go out last night, I did hear mediocre music, not see any friends, had decent sex, but was hoping more for a conversation, which, if I was lucky, would lead to affection and/or sex. But, alas, I got impatient. And my intake of beer was making the likelihood of me being able to participate in a conversation less and less likely. I swear this guy's cock piercing was the weirdest I've ever managed. Great practice for working on the gag-reflex, though. It wasn't some simple loop, but some sort of big pointy jagged thing - I didn't get a good look at it, as he was sort of "making it disappear" rather forcefully and frequently. He asked about fucking - HA! oh, sure man. "please daddy, plunge that hunk of jagged metal in my tight hairy hole" .......hmmm, now that i say it outloud.......