Thursday, February 28, 2002

No matter how much I tried to take my clothes off, he just wouldn't let me! No, seriously, that was a lot of fun, hanging around my apartment, Jason dropping by, and us spending over 2 hours together. For a peek at his work check out Studio81. I guess having diddled a bit on the very very very amateur level that I've taken some pics, I was fascinated watching him work, figuring out lighting, placement of the subject (me), etc. He did a couple quick polaroids, like you see here, very basic instructions, "sit here" "look at me" (which I quickly learned means look into the lens), "stop clowning around!" - no really, he didn't make me stop, he let me relax in my own way, which is basically to make lots of silly jokes, like trying to lick my own armpit while saying "make love to the camera". He was not snapping those kinds of pics! I guess the compliment, to me, was that when he stumbled across my website a few days back (i guess a yahoo search for "gay men who have lots of time on their hands"), he saw something that made him think "this will be interesting" and since it was mostly face, and full-body, with clothes (yeah, eventually he let me get down to boxers), it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. The massive amounts of porn videos lying around didn't seem to scare him off, and maybe if there's a next time, we can do something ala American Beauty - only instead of me on the bed with rose pedals falling, we can have porn video boxes, and cockrings falling...........just a thought. And signing a "model release form" was exciting - just think, my face could be on a billboard in Times Square next week, and I wouldn't get a dime!