Friday, February 22, 2002

.........i must say, I do like the sound of the shower being used while I'm half awake, lying in bed. But I am a lightweight, so here I am, after noon, about to crawl back into bed again, more beer than I've had in awhile, but a fun night out. Hmmmm, got an email from one of the pals I was hanging out with - "You dirty, dirty boy." - Just because, as we were all on the sidewalk in front of the Phoenix after the lights came on, and I grabbed my bike, saying to one of his pals "hop on, lets go" - is it my fault that the boy did, and we did go, and ..... well, let's just say my legs are in good shape, and we had a pleasant ride home.

The Gemini clip below seems to work just fine; so thanks to all those who let me know (but I may have to take it down soon, as that page got tons of hits, and I might not be able to afford to leave it up, you know, bandwidth and all that...)