Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Last night was my usual: bike over to the Westside to see if there are any used, cheap porn videos for sale (yes! several good ones!); then Seinfeld, and an episode of Boston Public. Then, back to work, reviewing several of the porn vids I had just purchased, readying them for resale: Black Workout 2; Sex Oasis; Homme Alone; Locked Up; and Recruit Me!. I gotta say, you can snicker all you want, but it's hard work. After awhile, you're eyes get blurry, Trenton Comeaux starts to look like Anthony Gallo, the tape heads get worn down, and you run out of clever euphemisms to use on eBay's site. Oh crap! Look at the time, my cockring dealer will be here any minute, and the place is a mess!