Saturday, February 09, 2002

OH MY GOD!!!!!

sorry, just had to let that out, but I just got a video today, of a 1975 film called Good Hot Stuff, not to be confused with the BUCKSHOT movie of the same name. This is a documentary from my favorite porn producers, Hand In Hand Films, the name in 70's porn movies. Jack Deveau was the president of the production company, and he also directed many of its films (along with Arch Brown, Peter de Rome, Tom DeSimone). I've taken a quick look through it, and it's got interviews, background info, and scenes from early gems like Left-Handed, Adam and Yves, and The Night Before. I am soooooooooooo excited!! I know I may sound like a dirty old man, but shit! These guys are like idols to me, they really cared about making cool, hot movies. and when you think that there were probably only about 10 movie houses in the whole country that would show these films, the care they took in making them is phenomenal - original soundtracks, actual scripts with plots, and they were the first to rent, rather than sell, prints of their films, like "legit" movie producers. They even went so far as to travel to the various porn theatres, and introduce themselves, and their product, to the theatre owners. Gosh, can you believe I actually have a notepad and pencil to watch this???? hehe.