Monday, February 11, 2002

running on very low energy today. late night out, I remember sometime after 3a.m. a guy saying "You look like you could use a hit of Xstacy" - yes, I was insulted. Yes, he was a drug dealer who I shouldn't have paid any attention to. I got my second beer soon after that (the drug of choice), watched Aner dance in his bulging jockstrap, apparently celebrating his birthday; watched some boys in the back huddle together in the crowded corners, and by 3:45, I knew the lights on wouldn't be pretty, so I pedaled home. Ate everything in sight, can't remember what lame tv shows I watched, crawled into bed, slept late. Today, just want to listen to quiet, beautiful music, and contemplate. This version of Cocoon is cool, recorded live on BBC Radio, its a "high quality" recording (320 kbps), and has some slight variations in the lyrics near the end.

Earlier in the evening, I attempted meaningless anonomous sex, but, alas, too many people there who I've done it with, and all those assorted thoughts and associations meant that any sex would have meaning, so, after pacing for 14 hours up and down the corridors, I pedaled over to The Cock, paid too much to get in, saw a pal's Mel-Gibson-Lethal-Weapon hair poking around the backroom, grabbed a beer, and actually, for awhile, the super-extended Kraftwerk remixes were fun. Seeing the oddly-coiffed boy from the other night, this time his hair was swirled, rather than pointing straight up. I obsessed on him for a while, looked at grunting boys in the backroom again, and once I heard I looked like I needed xstacy, well.... let's just say it was downhill from there.