Thursday, February 07, 2002

gee, this bandwidth thing is getting out of control. I must stop uploading music, but those eBay underwear boys are still getting lots of traffic, too. wonder which habit I should curb. Meanwhile, a pal of mine sent me a porntape, and I gotta admit, he was right about that Lance Gear. (Beware: clicking on these 2 porn links will give you CHI CHI LARUE's pop-under ads....) I don't even thing I got to see his cock before I splurted - he looked so hot with Logan Reed's schlong in his face; I dunno, I just love guys who get into cocksucking like that, very playful, even uses his shaved head as a ball-tickler, pushing the back of his head up into Reed's heavy ball-sac. But it's the grin, the smirky I-love-cock-and-yer-gonna-love-my-mouth-everywhere-I-put-it grin he has that puts me over the edge. ooooooooooh, look at that mustache in Reed's ass; he eats ass even better!
gotta go!