Friday, February 01, 2002

Don't ya just hate those bloggers who start off thier posts with "Sorry I haven't blogged lately" or "gee, don't have much to say today"? Yeah, me too - JUST SAY SOMETHING, don't apologize, let me decide how crappy your writing is by coming back, or not coming back again - I didn't come here expecting Hemingway ferchrissakes!

BUT - just skip reading this one, cuz this post is worse than all that. This is the old standard: I got more hits this week than any other week, plus I got more hits in January than any other month and I got more hits yesterday than any other single day all combined in one! Howaboutthat? I know it's January, and bad weather keeps folks in, and TV still sucks (except for BLUE PLANET which is being re-run tonight) but what I want to know is WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? and why are you here? Is it the dirty toothbrush? The incessant ramblings about BJORK (oooh, another cool page about the upcoming single/DVD/video release of Cocoon) ? It can't be the sexlife stuff, cuz, well, how many times can "and then he pushed my wanting mouth on his throbbing member, guiding it thru my hungry goateed lips ......" be interesting? Must be the porn, what else? OOOH, speaking of porn, last night, while watching Harley's Angels, trying to identify some of the music, I was very proud to get Pink Floyd's Echoes, and Elton John's One Horse Town on the first guess. It is my favorite type of porn flick, good sex scenes, with silly, purposefully stupid plot devices (yeah, Harely's leather gloves get stolen, and he sends his Angels out to do some detective work to recover them - "with sexy results"). Well, while you can't tell from your end, I am working hard on updating all my porn video pages, and still enjoying my unpaid, but quite fulfilling job as Porn detective helping emailers to locate their fave old porn stars, and movies - sooooooooooooooo, just identify yourselves already, I know you didn't come here only to see if I talk about sex more than Jonno), right?