Wednesday, February 06, 2002

having forgotten to look for sex Sunday night (I had 2 beers around 5pm, fell asleep early) and not able to deal with being drunk and amongst friends and attempt sexsearch Monday night, last night seemed like the time to go out. Also, I had this cock-ball strap that I needed to give a trial run to, so I snapped it on, then my trusty fave jockstrap, and some other clothes as well. Bars seemed like too much trouble, so I pedaled over to bijou82. Bachelor #1 was slim, Hispanic, and stood near my booth doing the grabbygrabby-crotch thing for awhile, then dove into a booth across the way. I followed, we started at each other's chests, down to stomachs, and he grabbed my crotch first. The strap was working real good, pushing my balls forward, which in turn pushed my cock hard up against the cotton jockstrap. He unbuttoned the 501's, pulling, grabbing, and I reached into his. Not much at first, but his balls hung low, so I took a dive and tasted them. Pretty nice, so I pushed my tongue right up under them, and his cock started to grow. After a short while like this, I took it down my throat, and he was definately a grower! Nice and fat, he moaned above. Suddenly he pulled out, started zipping up, saying he needed a break. jeez!

Bachelor #2 I had eyed earlier, vague in his interest, but seeemd like he had been there for awhile, and was getting anxious, and soon moved out of his dimly lit booth, taking a walk around, so I got a better look at "the whole package". Nice- maybe a couple years older, solid but not a muscle-freak, blondish grey very short hair. We stood near each other for a couple minutes, I grabbed a nearby booth, and as he slowly walked up, I made it obvious I wanted him to come inside (NO! I didn't stick my ass up in the air, I just smiled slightly, stepping back into the booth to give him room to come in.) Slowly we hugged, felt each other's upper bodies, and nuzzled into each other's necks without actually kissing. I pulled at his belt, he struggled slightly with my fly, and we got a nice feel, and look, at each other's equipment. Shy in most other areas of life, once I'm in a dark dingy booth with a man's cock in front of me, I don't like to waste time. As I scrunched down to taste him, his hands went to the back of my neck, pushing, so I thought a bit more teasing was in order. I love balls anyway, so went for some very light licking, going lower and lower, while his cock hardened more, and began to bounce above me. Then I went for both of them, managing to get both balls in my mouth at the same time with one quick motion. He groaned, started stroking his cock above me, and I moved my body below so that he could see how excited this got me, as I was straining out of the jockstrap. I stood up, and grabbed the side of his neck with my mouth, gentle nibbles, pushing my whole body into his, as he pushed back. Then he slid down, and swallowed as much as he could. After a few moments of that, he seemed to notice the strap around my balls, and started slapping lightly at them as he continued to slurp. Good mouth, good mouth, man. I pulled him up, and he came up reluctantly until I pushed my mouth onto his, and he kissed hard back at me. More clothes came off, and we kissed for awhile, giving our cocks a rest, but they stayed excited, and he tucked his cock just under my balls, and started with a nice, slow, fucking motion. I was rockhard, and got back on my knees for a few more slurps, alternating big gulps and slow, light licks. He was ready, and motioned for me to move, but I aimed him at my chest, and that's where it went, dribbling all the way down onto my cock and balls, as well.

Some chitchat as we dressed, the obligatory whats-yer-name, thanks, a couple more body grabs, a gentle kiss, and I swung the door open to leave.