Thursday, February 07, 2002

Rather than unlock my bike, I decided a bag of chips would cap off this uneventful night. Across the street at the bodega, I walked past an oddly coiffed boy, grabbed my chips, and hopped on the bike. Crossing 2nd ave, I see him leaving the bar. He looked okay and all, but that hair, with the swoosh-thing in front, pointing straight up in the air, was kinda disturbing. Pedalling east, I turned north at 1st, figuring maybe a dollar beer or two could be fun. The dog greeted me at the door, so I'm patting his back as a pal's ex-boyfriend, who's hair looked like someone forgot to tell him that auditions for "that 80's show" were over, walks over and pats me on the back. This back-patting 3-way was too much for me, so i managed to get a beer quick, and raced for the jukebox. Slurp slurp, good beer, good beer. Then the oddly coiffed boy comes in, grabs a beer, and walks towards the jukebox. A woman is looking at every track on every disc, so he had to stand and wait behind her, giving me a chance to look him over. Hmmm, rather handsome face, actually. Skinny, in that my-pants-barely-stay-on-my-slim-hips kinda way, I made eyecontact, and rolled my eyes as we both glanced towards the woman who would in a few minutes be faux-arguing with her friend over how u2 is the best band. Ever. Best. Ever. Even with the mutual disdain for the woman taking forever at the jukebox, we never spoke. But I did watch him play pool, watch his jeans barely stay on his hips, watch his arms tighten at each turn, watch the splotches of facial hair look so kissable, and wonder what that hair would look like in the morning, after a good sleep together.

Meanwhile, maybe from the pot i smoked with the 20-year-old earlier who's cock tasted nice, my mind was wandering thru the REM songs on the jukebox, and the various characters at the Bijou earlier.

  • one guy from the old act-up days who always seems to be drunk - at least slurring and smelling like it.
  • that scraggly-faced guy from the m4m4sex site who liked my fuzziness then, and let me talk him into leaving his t-shirt with the motorcycle on the front, but refused eyecontact now
  • the guy who looks like the guy with the webcam who I never see live, and can't tell if it's really him here, cuz on the webcam he's always shirtless, and here he's fully clothed (at least, on the outside of these booths)
  • that guy i did once before, who was wearing too much cologne, so I knew I couldnt handle being trapped in a teeny booth with him
  • the cute short guy, who looked too much like a former co-worker who was only recently "out"
  • those guys who are always here ( believe me, i know what that sounds like, but...) and are always gabbing loudly to each other about how no one "hot" is here
  • the guy with the really large, fat, uncut cock, and very slurpable nipples, who i've seen, and sampled, several times at The Cock, but only likes about 10 minutes with any one guy
  • that guy who keeps stumbling into me; I don't think he's drunk, just stupid
  • the guy stroking his thick cock, with his door open, who looked so hot 2 weeks ago, but now he kinda skeeves me out
maybe it's time to leave, and get some chips