Tuesday, February 19, 2002

OK, so I've done 4 of the 6 things on my "to do" list - (all the porno stuff)- Set myself some relatively easy goals to obtain, kind of practice towards doing some important stuff (like bathing, grocery shopping, resume writing...). Anyway, I'm reviewing some of the porn videos I want to post on eBay tomorrow, making sure they're in reasonably good shape, and figuring out brief descriptions. So, after a couple of muscle wrestling videos, I pop in First Time Tryers - Chicago. Apparently, some guy does some scouting work for Chi Chi LaRue, by doing brief interviews, then a sex scene, with amateur guys who've always wanted to see what it would be like. First pairing is ok (the Chicago accents are the best part). But the second pairing, supposedly "str8" guys, I'm ready to fast-forward after hearing each being interviewed, how they've "let" guys blow them before, but never really had sex with another guy. The shot fades from the interview, to the hotel bedroom scene, and I've got my thumb on the FF button, but they're like madly kissing each other! So I watch, and they quickly strip off shirts, still kissing, one guy goes to blow the other, kinda regular sex scene, kissing, blowing, etc. Obviously the one guy isn't going to be blowing the other, so I'm fast-forwarding at this point, until I see this boot-licking, and I watch, as the "top" guy is name-calling the other guy, spitting on him as gets his boots licked "yeah, faggot, you like that", and again I'm about to hit the FF button, but topguy starts to lick bottom guy's ass. I mean, I dunno, the name-calling shit is a turn-off, of course ( to me), but they go at it kissing madly again, both real hard, and it's actually not a bad sex scene. But then they do the post-sex interview, just like one of those lame reality tv shows, where they analyze it. The "bottom" guy is more awkward, sorta like, "yeah, it was fun, glad I tried it" as he shields his face subconsciously; but the other guy is pretty pleased with himself, still breathing heavy, sticky cum on him, and the director is complementing him as being a hot pig saying: "Chi Chi should really like this" - the top guy jumps up, grinning wildly - "Really? really? - she'll dig me? Can you get me in Honcho? I wanna be in Honcho!!" Director says, "actually, I know an editor at Honcho, his name is Dave, if you ask him nice....." and the guy jumps in front of the camera "Dave, I really wanna be in HONCHO, please, let me be in Honcho" he says all coy and smiling. He's kind of an ass, but at the same time, kinda cute, so boyishly wanting to do this cool thing, being in Honcho and all.... then, as the camera fades, you see the 2 guys in the bathroom, about to take a shower, and the "top guy" still grinning, gently kisses the other guy's cheek. I dunno, I thought it was cool, unexpected, and.... hehe, "we" won another guy over!!