Saturday, September 07, 2002

2 offers
got home from work, the Theraflu worked for those 6 hours, but I can feel the symptoms coming back. Quick check of email showed 2 offers of assistance for my getting better. One from a pal to rub my chest, with or without Vicks vab-o-rub (he's in Kansas, tho.....) Tne other was for chicken soup and ball licking. But this one claimed to be 2700 miles away. The name seemed familiar, but a quick search of old emails showed no previous correspondance. Hmmm. took a brief nap, but woke up and thought - oooooooh, THAT guy! mmmm, that face between my thighs, oh yeah! And the other day, poking around his website, I saw some below-the-neck furriness. Jeez, if he lived closer, I'd really reconsider my no-one-under-35 rule, oh yeah!