Sunday, September 22, 2002

eBay and me

Spent some time this morning emailing a fellow seller (okay, so maybe i'm not a current seller, BUT I'LL BE BACK, BABY!) about some of eBay's do's and don't's. Just for fun, I pulled these 2 old automated emails from eBay after cancelling some auctions early in 2000. (way way back when you could, within certain parameters, sell used underwear - and last night I posted below some old pics from jockstrap auctions).

Subj: NOTICE: eBay Procedural Warning - Adult Item in Inappropriate Category
Date: 2/16/00 12:09:25 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear bjland,
eBay appreciates the fact that you chose to list your auctions:

258507933 fuzzy guy's barely used socks -see pics
259856690 Fuzzy guy's used GAP BOXER UNDERWEAR
261463130 Hairy Man's SPAULDING boxer briefs underwear

with us. Unfortunately your items were not properly categorized. Therefore, we have ended the auctions early and credited all fees to your account. Please view our Used Clothing guideline page for a better understanding of our auction guidelines and how they affect the way you list your items:

Subj: NOTICE: eBay Auction(s) Cancelled - Used, Unwashed Undergarments
Date: 6/18/00 6:52:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Dear bjland,
eBay appreciates the fact that you chose to list your auction(s):

357682050 hairy guy's HOT MEN's GOLD SPEEDO swim suit
358976858 fuzzy's OLD NAVY grey underwear briefs
359002549 fuzzy's swimsuit, no speedo, but cool stripes

with us. However, used clothing may be listed on eBay, only as long as the clothing has been thoroughly cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions and the auction's Item Description does not contain inappropriate or extraneous descriptions. Such listings will be moved to the adult section or ended. Therefore, we have ended this auction(s) and all fees have been credited to your account.