Sunday, September 29, 2002

damn! did I miss fashion week again?
The Brown Leg

"Pale washed-out legs were last year"

director: Peter de Rome

My porno fantasy, if I were allowed only one, would be to spend a week at a country home with Peter de Rome. Probably one of the few directors that I've thought about spending time with. He has so few commerical films, and yet I love all of them - I know he must have tons of 8mm film cans scatterred all about, and I'd love to see every one of them, with him, as he talked about his ideas, who the models were, etc. The above clip is from his first commerical film, a collection of his shorts, called The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome, released in 1973, culled from works he had done earlier. Unlike some of the other greats from the early 70's, he didn't start off with the idea that he could do better than what was currently out ( Poole, Steve Scott , and Jack Deveau had all said as much, and of course, achieved just that). No, De Rome had been making short films for his own enjoyment since the early 60's, and then began to share his work with his friends. After entering a European competion and winning, he was brought to the attention of Jack Deveau, who of course loved what he saw, and they worked together throughout the 70's. I must re-read his autibiography, it's quite fascinating. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip. I hope to post more of his shorts.