Friday, September 27, 2002

eBay, please please let me get what I want!
So, according to my calculations, my 45 day suspension should be over next week. But as they cautioned me in the suspension email, reinstatement is not automatic, so I wrote them this week asking how to get back. I got a friendly "fill out this form, read all these regulations, and send us a statement saying you read it and will be a good boy now" email. So, as much as I've read, and re-read those regulatons dozens of times in the past 3 years (they haven't been officially revised since November of 2000 - just constantly re-interpreted by them), I actually took the time to do it (something I'm sure is rare with other sellers). The email also cautioned me:

"**IMPORTANT** Please review the mature audience policy in its entirety. Your suspension was based on violations of this policy. Any future policy violations may result in the immediate and indefinite suspension of your eBay account.

The policy can be reviewed at: "

Now, as much as I agree that "scanning receivers or radios that receive cellular transmissions or has "full 800mz" coverage" is a very serious issue, I figured either they are testing me to see if I actually read what I am supposed to, or someone made a silly mistake (we all do). But I couldn't help myself, and had to email the mistake to them, and then assured them that I did read and review the Mature Audiences pages, just to cover my ass self.

So, wish me luck, and if all goes well, I hope to be trading again within the week. And of course, I am still very very very happy to accept any and all of your porn donations.