Friday, September 06, 2002

Gosh, just after noon and I'm on my second post of the day? Makes no sense at all. Was still up at 5 am watching Simpsons on DVD (thanks Mr Tool - not his real name... or is it?) Managed somehow to get the porn clip up, realizing that tomorrow is the end of my "billing month" at Dreamhost, and I've got tons of bandwidth to use, so who knows, maybe another clip by Saturday morning. I finally put together my P M Productions page; and while it is rather "in the rough" at the moment, I figured I can add, correct, elaborate, etc., as time goes on. Also watching a few new (or new to me) blogs - not ready to report on them, but all 3 look very interesting, and best of all, challenge my silly biases. Two are by very young men (like 20-somethings, ouch!!) who it turns out are far more than merely cute, but actually quite interesting; the other is - egads- a married bisexual man, whose writing is quite amazing. I'm fascinated by this one, and need to delve into his.... archives. Speaking of bloggerboys, let's play Guess the hot blogger. I took the pic to the left here at Gay Pride, thought he looked familiar but I hadn't recalled the priveledge of seeing him shirtless, and luckily my camera was working as fast as my filthy mind. Had forgotten all about it, but developed my Gay Prode pics this week, and here we are. So, let's play Guess the Hot Blogger - you boys (and girls, shirley there must be some girls!!!) e-mail me with your guesses, and feel free to explain your guess (it must be so-and-so, I recognize that lickable pit"), I'll tally them up by Monday and print a full pic of the young man (no, that's not necessarily a clue, just a term of endearment).