Tuesday, September 03, 2002

sometimes it's fun just to watch the instant messengers have conversations all by themselves......

E NYC3 [2:58 AM]: hi.. 27m the village looking to party and play
E NYC3 [2:58 AM]: trade pics?
E NYC3 [2:59 AM]: oh.. see urs

gosh, and i didnt even get to see his.........

oh wait, there's more!

E NYC3 [3:01 AM]: ur cute.. u want a 27 playmate?
Bjland7820 [3:02 AM]: hmmmm, the looking for women part of your profile is a bit confusing - i'm just a gay-acting man
E NYC3 [3:02 AM]: tha'ts ok.. i'm bi
E NYC3 [3:02 AM]: looking for fun tonight
E NYC3 [3:03 AM]: u hiv neg?

gosh, I'm all a-flutter, he seems just soooooo perfect for me!