Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Matmos Live with J Lesser
Q:How do I get a copy of this CD?
A: You can purchase this CD by mailorder by sending a flattering photo of yourself and a check made out to M.C. Schmidt for $10 US to:

Matmos/Vague Terrain
800 Hampshire Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Lest one think from yesterday's post that I am a bitter old queen (actually, I consider myself, at 41, to be middle-aged), I actually like most of my fellow queers. Take the lovely and talented boys who comprise Matmos (please); I would do anything, anything, to watch those two men performing together (preferably without their trousers). Hence, when I saw the listing for the CD and how to obtain it, I sent a not-too-gushing letter with my 10 dollar check, and the pic you see here (there) to the right (above). As much as I'd love them to go "woah, he's hot, let us fly him out to san francisco and do unspeakable things to him for a whole weekend and make sure the audio tapes are recording every sound" - I'm actually hoping they'd just use it in some background installation or some "lets make fun of our fans" album artwork.