Monday, September 30, 2002

achey ramblings on bandwidth, eBay, donations, and porno
So, I'm realizing that my year of being hosted at DREAMHOST is almost up, and I think my domain name thingee is up in the spring, so I need to plan for staying on, right? I took advantage of their savings-by-paying-for-a-year upfront, which turned out well, as DREAMHOST has upped my bandwidth allowance a few times; and just today I am reading that I have 25gigs/month!!!! woo-hoo!! So that gives me a lot more flexibility on what i can post, bigger files, etc. And this weekend I just got re-instated by eBay, which is real good news, as those 45 days without that income has really hurt (but then again, don't feel sorry for me, I'm fairly lazy and could've gotten a resume together and looked for a "real" job, rather than goofiing off and trying to build my 70's porno empire.....)

Dear bjland,
Welcome back to the eBay community!

Please remember that any future violation could result in the immediate and indefinite suspension of your eBay account. If you have any questions regarding an item, please feel free to write to before listing the item.
We appreciate your involvement and positive contributions to the community!

Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)
eBay Inc

Where was I? (all those exclamation points in the email got me dizzy...... or was that the junk food i had at 4:30 this morning....anyway) Oh yeah. So rather than be really tacky and put up some lame PAYPAL donation link (I'll do that next month when I'm really desperate), I figure I'd like to do more of a donate your tired, used porno kinda thing, and that way any of you who have mags or videos (gay preferred, but I can deal with other stuff, ewwwww, I think) that are just taking up space, e-mail me, and we can work something out. (please don't make me send amateur j/o of myself, please!) Several guys have already done this ( i won't name names. Well, send me some porn and I might...), which is fantastic of them, so why not you?

Ok, so I posted a couple of things on eBay already ( i think I have a link up on top somewhere there, oh wait, there it is) and hope to add more all week, plus do some stuff on NAUGHTYBIDS - cockrings (with real COCK in them!), stuff not allowed on eBay (like Black Gang Bang #9); oh gosh, should I try to sell those ripped undawears I have??? - anyway, you get the idea.

please please send me your unwanted porno!!