Sunday, September 22, 2002

His AOL profile said something about an underwear fetish, he lived close by, and after chatting briefly it seemed we'd get along sexually (both of us being very oral). He got here pretty fast. He stripped down to his jockstrap quickly after closing the door, and made me pull off my pants and t-shirt. He pushed me on the bed, stomach down, and buried his greedy face into the back of my boxers, making garblely noises. I got hard very fast, and tried to turn over, but he wouldn't let me, using his muscular arms to keep me pinned down as his face kept tunneling in. I thought I heard a rip, and then I thought I felt his mustache directly on my flesh.

Actually, if I were still selling used underwear, I might make up a story like that. But, alas, this morning, while drinking coffee and sitting in this chair, alone, I could hear the boxers tear as I tried making my balls more comfortable by shifting. Just slightly at first, but once that little hole opened up, any movement made the boxers tear more. Damn! Now what do I do with them?