Tuesday, September 17, 2002

So I guess this will be sortof an Andy post. I wanted to post about something else, but I fogot it/am too sleepy to write about it/have a shorter, more humorous anectdote instead.

So, I am at work, sitting behind the counter and it's getting pretty busy, that 7:30 folks getting home from work not wanting to cook pick something up on the way home rush. One of my ex's comes in, and is about to place his order, we try to say hey and all that but it's real busy, But he has to take and/or make a call, says he'll be right back. Then two good-looking men come in together, approach the counter and stare directly down at the plasticized menu. I say "Can I help you, sir?" He looks up to say "just a minute" then smiles when he recognizes me, asks how I've been, and introduces me to his pal, who looks very familiar. I say hi, take their order, and they go wait. The ex comes back in, I take his order, we talk briefly about nothing, and he has clearly spotted the other two men. Now, the tall guy I talked to with the pal, I dated him for all of 3 dates maybe 2 years ago, and about 6 months ago had one of those silly late night 3-ways that always sounds more fun than they really are (the third guy kept fast-forwarding some porn video, like "hello - there are two horny men standing over/under you Now!"). And I was pretty sure I had had sex with the pal, and it took me only a few minutes to realize it was an AOL hook-up - and I have the videotape to prove it! Hehe! It didn't come out too well, the color all screwy, but still, it was hot, and hot to watch, especially when he tried to hide his face by having me have my back to the camera shielding him while he crouched down and blew me (but you get see his cock popping out of his jockstrap from between my legs...). So here I am, bagging orders, taking orders, answering the phone, smiling widely looking out and seeing 3 hot guys who I've had sex with standing only a few feet from me. Cool.