Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Thoughts on a day while trying to hold back on the other thoughts.
  • I gave my phone number to him on Thursday afternoon, not sure if I could deal with his funny earrings, or odd name. But he had the face of someone I could fall asleep next to, wake up to. The only phone calls i've gotten since then have been from an ex-mayor, a recording urging me to vote for some asshole.
  • The slow moments at work are a bit hard to take, as my thoughts tend to go towards those big thoughts. It's ok, I have this cold, the red and teary eyes just look like a symptom of that.
  • I haven't paid the rent yet. Yesterday, my hairy butthole full of soap, the hot water started fizzling out. Not good. I don't let much in there, and certainly not anything cold. I managed with a few sprays of lukewarm water to quickly finish up and get out of the shower.
  • "Sweeeee -t!" Can someone please tell Jason Branch to stop saying that?
  • Looks like that "hot 3-way" I'd been working on with those two men in the neighborhood ain't ever happening. They've stopped the twice-weekly email hellos. My loss.
  • I will no doubt post that one Bjork song later that has meant so much to me since it came out in 1997; forgive the repetitiveness - imagine being one of my roommates and having to hear it over and over again.